Bracelet sizes

Mint15 usually offers bracelets that are suitable for most wrists. Because they fit most people, it’s easy to give as a present if you don’t know someone’s size exactly.

Having doubts about your wirst size? Or is your size not included? Then you can always contact us or post a message with your order. We will make your bracelet suitable.

Adjustable size

Most bracelets in our webshop have an adjustable size. This means that the bracelets have an extension chain at the clasp, so the size is adjustable. The size of the adjustable bracelets is mentioned in the description and is usually 16 to 19 cm.

One size fits all

If ‘One size fits all’ is mentioned with a description of a piece of jewelery, then the piece fits everyone. Usually these are bracelets with elastic or bracelets that are knotted to the desired length.

Measure your wrist size

This is how you determine your size:
Wrap a measuring tape around your wrist, just below the bones of your wrist. Measure tight, but do not let it pinch. The number of centimeters you come up with is equal to your size.

Don’t have a measuring tape? You can wrap a piece of ribbon or rope around your wrist and measure it with a ruler.