Goldplated / silverplated

The clasps and parts of most jewelry in this webshop are made of nickel-free metal (copper). They have a goldplated or silverplated layer of beautiful quality.

The goldplated parts are coated with real gold, thickness of 5 mils (about 127 microns = 0.13 mm). The silverplated parts are coated with real silver, thickness of 40 mils (about 1mm).

Silver oxidation

Just like real silver, the silverplated parts can oxidize a little when exposed to light and air. The shiny layer of the silver will become a bit duller, but this can easily be polished again with a clean and soft tissue.


I am a big fan of Miyuki, a Japanese brand with the best quality glass beads. You'll find these beads in my collection, for example with the Beaded Bracelets and the Delicate Bracelets. The gold, silver and rose gold colored beads are provided with a permanent coating, which are resistant to skin acid and moisture. However, always be careful with moisture and cosmetics.

Stainless steel

There is also a collection available with jewelry made of stainless steel. This is a strong and durable material with a layer of chrome. The gold and rose gold variants have a 14kt gold layer. The stainless steel jewelry does not discolor.

Some stainless steel jewelry also contain other materials to the jewelry, such as gemstones or pearls. It is better not to shower with these jewelry, because the natural products are less resistant.

Maintenance tips

How long will the plating last?

This depends on the thickness of the plating layer. The thicker this layer, the less quickly it will wear off. In addition, the speed of discoloration also depends on the acidity (PH value) of your skin. Some people have a certain acidity level that jewellery cannot tolerate.

However, if you treat your jewellery wisely, they can remain beautiful for a very long time and will hardly discolour. This is the best way to maintain your jewellery:

  • Let your jewelry as little as possible in contact with moisture. This can cause the metals to discolour over time. Take the jewelry off when showering, cleaning, exercising, sunbathing, etc. and do not store them in a damp place. If the jewelry is wet, dry it immediately.
  • Take your jewelry off when you sleep.
  • Be careful with perfume, body lotion and other cosmetics or chemicals/cleaners. These can cause discoloration of the metals. For example, put on your perfume first and put on your jewelry last.
  • Store your jewelry properly when you are not wearing it. It is best to keep them in a closed bag or box and always close the jewelry. This prevents jewelry from getting tangled up with each other.
  • No skin is the same; due to differences in skin acidity, discoloration may occur more quickly in one person than in another.
  • The stainless steel jewelry can withstand water, you can shower or take a bath. However, they are not resistant to chemicals, chlorinated water and seawater. Some stainless steel jewellery also contains other materials, such as natural stones or freshwater pearls. It is better not to shower with them, because these natural products are less resistant.

Allergy Information:

All jewelry in this webshop is nickel and lead free.

Do you have questions about the maintenance of your jewelry or the materials? Please contact me.