About Mint15

Mint15 Emilie

How it all began

What started in 2008 as an out-of-control bead hobby became my real business in 2011. Without a plan, just carrying out my hobbies: making websites, designing and making jewelry, photographing and graphic design.

After my last study in 2013 I started to spend more time in my webshop and especially in social media, which caused me to suddenly receive huge amounts of orders. I was busy all day at the dining table making supplies, packing orders, sticking stamps and writing envelopes. And actually, that has never stopped to this day. Okay, frankly, I do have a stamp and label printer now. I've been sitting in a beautiful little office for a couple of years now and I'm very proud of it.

What I'm doing

I design and make the jewelry, I make and edit all the photos, I make and maintain the website, I update social media, I sit behind the mail, chat, Whatsapp and take calls. And of course I send all orders to you and to the buying shops and salons around the world.

I make quite a few hours of work in one day to get everything done and thanks to all your orders this has become more than a full-time job for me, for which I am very grateful. And thanks to you, my Mint15 jewellery flies all over the world(look at it).

Keep shopping and I always like it when you send a message or appt.

With Love

Mint15 handmade

Bracelet Set-'Black-&-Pink'---Silver

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