Tips for jewelry protection

You always have to handle jewelry with care. The silver and gold pieces are made from metal with a silver- or goldplated coating. We use metals from designers quality, but the coating color can change with the time. Here are some tips to keep your jewels beautiful as long as possible:

★ Do not let your jewelry make contact with moist. As a result, the metals can discolor. So don’t wear them while showering, cleaning, exercising, sunbathing, etc. and do not store them in a humid place. If the jewelry accidentally have become wet, dry them immediately.

★ Always take of your jewelry while sleeping.

★ Be careful with perfume, body lotion and other cosmetics. Cosmetics can lead to rapid discoloration of the metals.

★ If you don’t wear your jewelry, store them properly. It’s best to keep them in a sealed bag or box. This prevents discolouration by contact with light and air. You also prevent your jewelry from becoming tangled.

★ Every skin is different: due to differences in skin acid, the discoloration can vary from person to person.

★ A quick tip to prevent discoloration: Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish over the metal parts and let it dry thoroughly. This gives an extra protective layer to enjoy your jewelry even longer!