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Mint15 (Mint Fifteen) is a jewelry brand from the Netherlands with fine, delicate jewelry, each made with lots of love, care and attention. High-quality materials are used that remain beautiful for a long time. All jewelry is handmade and designed by Emilie, the face behind Mint15.

Mint is a beautiful, fresh color. The color has a calming and relaxing effect, provides balance and reflects freshness and optimism. Furthermore, the color is associated with a feeling of satisfaction and self-confidence. We like to convey these qualities with our jewelry. The 15 gives the brand name a personal touch; this has to do with the designer's date of birth.


Emilie: "It all started years ago with a bead collection that got out of hand with which I made bracelets and necklaces at the kitchen table. Because I always enjoy building websites, I decided to take beautiful photos of the jewelry and put them online in an online shop. I became active on social media and I suddenly received a lot of orders. And that hasn't stopped since that day. I now have a beautiful office that I enjoy going to every day still on.”


"Running an online store involves a lot of work. I spend most of the day making jewelry for all orders. Sometimes I design something new, I try to create a new collection at least twice a year. I ensure that all orders are wrapped as gifts, I also take and edit all the photos myself, I design and maintain the webshop, I sometimes post on social media and I send out an occasional newsletter.

I work quite a few hours in a day to get everything done and thanks to all your orders this has become more than a full-time job for me, which I am very grateful for. My Mint15 jewelry is now flying all over the world. Keep shopping and I always like it when you send an email or text."

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