Tips for maintenance

Jewelry Care

Jewelry care

The base materials of your jewelry are covered with a high quality gold plating or silver plating and will last long if you treat them with love and care. Here is how to take the best care to keep your jewelry sparkling for a long time:

» Keep your jewelry dry as much as possible. Avoid contact with moisture and liquids and store them in a dry place.

» Be careful with cosmetics and cleaning products, like perfume, body lotion, hairspray and other chemicals. For example, put on perfume first and wear your jewelry after that.

» Take off your jewelry while swimming. Salt water and chlorine can damage your jewelry.

» Keep your jewelry properly in a clean, dry place and store them in a closed box or use ziploc bags to avoid tangling.

» Every skin is different; due to differences in skin types, discoloration can occur faster with some people, because the acidity of skins can be very different.

» The silver plated parts can oxidize slightly by contact with light and air, just like all silver jewelry. The shiny layer of the silver will then become slightly dull, but you can easily polish it with a clean and soft cloth. The best way to prevent silver oxidation is to keep the jewelry in a sealed bag when you are not wearing it.

» The stainless steel jewelry can withstand water very well, you can shower or bath with it. However, they do not tolerate chemicals, chlorinated water and seawater well. Some stainless steel jewelry also contains other materials, such as natural stones or freshwater pearls. It is better not to shower with this, because these natural products are less resistant to this.

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