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In the cart you have the option to add a paper gift wrap or Mint15 jewelry box to your order.

Would you like something separately packaged or add a message for the recipient? Please indicate this in the comments field when ordering.

This is usually possible. If you let me know what your wishes are as soon as possible, we will look for a solution together. Please note that unfortunately I have no influence on shipments, delays are always possible.

Please contact me as soon as possible and I will adjust the order.


Mint15 ships worldwide!

View current shipping costs and delivery times here.

All orders are sent as letterbox post with track & trace. You will automatically receive the track & trace information as soon as your order is shipped. You will be kept informed of the delivery via email.

Please note: Track & trace is not possible for some countries because it is not supported in that country.

Netherlands: All orders are shipped via PostNL. In most cases, PostNL delivers the next day. PostNL delivers letterbox mail on Tuesday to Saturday (not on Monday). Sometimes there are some delays, which unfortunately I have no influence on. Have you not received anything after a week? Please contact me.

Europe and the rest of the world:
Keep an eye on the track & trace information to see where your order is. Sometimes it can take a while before a package is approved by customs. View the expected delivery times here or contact me if you have any questions about your order or the track & trace information.

Status 'delivered' but not yet received?

Is your order marked as 'delivered' but you have not received it yet? It is usually delivered the next day.


Because Mint15 bracelets are adjustable in size, you do not have to indicate this. The bracelets are adjustable in length from 16 to 19 cm.

How long the jewelry remains beautiful depends on the thickness of the plating layer. The thicker this layer, the less quickly it will discolour. Mint15 uses a thick plating layer that remains beautiful for a long time.

In addition, the speed of discoloration also depends on the acidity (PH value) of your skin. Some people have a certain acidity that the jewelry is less resistant to. However, if you handle your jewelry with care, they can remain beautiful for a long time and will hardly discolour.

The stainless steel jewelry will never discolour. Read here about the material of the jewelry and how to care for it to keep your jewelry beautiful for the longest time.

It can be difficult to easily put on bracelets with a clasp yourself. A trick is to extend the bracelet with an elastic band, paper clip or hairpin that you attach to the ring of the bracelet and hold it with your hand around the bracelet. Now you can easily reach the ring with the clasp of the bracelet to close it.


Mint15 gives a six-month warranty on the jewelry from the date of purchase. Legally, you are obliged to report this to us within two months of discovering the defect. If the defect is covered by the warranty, I will repair the product free of charge or find a replacement product.

Please note: the warranty does not apply to:

» discoloration of the metal due to contact with moisture, perfume and/or other cosmetics;

» wear, damage or breakage of jewelry or parts due to improper use, because the jewelry has fallen or got stuck somewhere;

» discoloration or wear of thread/cords.

It may happen that you are not satisfied with your order. Please contact me via the contact form, via email or via WhatsApp, and we will look for a suitable solution together. I would like to hear from you what you are not satisfied with, so that I can further improve my service.